English, please!

Welcome to the Stockholm region for NaNoWriMo!

We’re, of course, a Swedish group, but we have a lot of non-Swedish or newly-Swedish members. Because of that, all important messages will come with an English translation after the Swedish part. If you want to participate in a discussion that’s held in Swedish , you’re welcome to write your reply in English, and people will usually switch as well. If there’s something written in Swedish that you want to understand, google translate is your friend of course, but so are we. Just ask, and people will translate for you.

Stockholm Wrimos can be found at the official NaNo page for Europe :: Sweden :: Stockholm and in our facebook group.

If you’re somewhere else in Sweden, despair not, so are we:

Göteborg has an official region as well as a facebook group.

Malmö/Lund has an active community on facebook

There’s also our Elsewhere region, for all of Sweden and especially anyone not close enough to an irl region, which can be found on the official site and on facebook.

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